The Health and Wellness Box


What dog doesn’t deserve a little R&R from time to time? Spoil your four-legged-friend with this luxurious ‘Health and Wellness Box’ for a special, calming treat.

The box includes one full-sized product of each:

  • Dog and I – Coconut Oil Soap With Lavender Essential Oil and Poppy Seeds

  • Dog and I – Nose, Skin and Paw Balm

  • Ollie & Co. Calming and Relaxing Grooming Spray with Lavender Oil

  • Ollie & Co. Natural Dog Tooth Powder

  • Smug Mutts Top Knot Toy

  • Scrumbles Gnashers

  • Woof and Brew Bark Jeeling Tea Pouch

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Dog and I – Coconut Oil Soap With Lavender Essential Oil and Poppy Seeds

Homemade coconut oil soap. Made using the Hot Process Method which gives a more rustic looking soap and it does not need to cure as long as Cold Process Soap but otherwise is exactly the same.

Coconut oil gives a high foaming and highly cleansing soap. Perfect for those stinky paws, mucky muzzles and patches of fox poo all dogs seem to love. Also fantastic for greasy coats.

The lavender and poppy seed coconut oil soap contains nothing but coconut oil, lye, water and poppy seeds for added ‘grip’. We all know how slippery a wet dog can be, never mind the soap. With pure lavender essential oil. Lavender essential oil is known for is calming scent and is also highly regarded for the skin including dandruff and minor irritations.

  • Only a small amount of essential oils used, approximately half that recommended for humans which is the recommended level for dogs.


Dog and I – Nose, Skin and Paw Balm

Natural, lightly scented, moisturising dog skin balm, perfect for dry noses, sore and cracked paw pads, callouses, to soothe hot spots, calloused elbows, in fact anywhere on your dog that needs a bit of TLC.

  • This is handmade and all natural with no nasties. Safe to lick.

  • Made with hemp, lavender and peppermint oils. Hemp oil contains Omega 3 and 6 and is a great source of high quality nutrients for skin health.

Ollie & Co. Calming and Relaxing Grooming Spray with Lavender Oil

The relaxing grooming spray is a leave-on spray, infused with calming Lavender Oil to promote calm for anxious and stressed dogs.

  • Lightly mist the product over the coat and leave to naturally dry or brush through the coat to give added calming and relaxation.

  • This product contains naturally derived conditioning ingredients to remove knots and give a healthier shine and appearance to coats created with the finest dog-friendly naturally derived ingredients and plant extracts.

Product Features:

  • Natural

  • French Lavender Oil & Valerian Root Extract to promote calm and relaxation

  • Free from alcohol, silicones and parabens

  • Free from animal derived ingredients (vegetarian and vegan friendly)

  • Naturally derived conditioning active to give softer coats

  • Hydrolysed Wheat Protein helps repair coats

Ollie & Co. Natural Dog Tooth Powder

Keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy with Ollie and Co’s Dog Toothpowder, a natural alternative for dogs.

  • Use by applying with a damp cloth or a toothbrush to teeth and gums using only natural ingredients.

  • A recipe created by herbalists for Ollie & Co, all of which prevent tartar and diminish bad breath.

  • We have to also mention how lovely our Tooth powder smells and tastes – infused with cloves.


  • 100% Natural
 – only 3 naturally occurring Ingredients!

  • Eco-friendly packaging

  • Diminish bad breath

  • Naturally abrasive

  • Natural smell and tastes great

  • Helps prevent tartar, remove plaque and surface debris

  • Vegan
 and dog safe

Smug Mutts Top Knot Toy

Smug Mutts hemp and wood toys are perfect for interactive play between canine and human. The earthy smell of the soft and natural hemp rope combined with the splinterless beech wood also make for an exciting combination of durable materials for your dog to chew on! So whether your four legged friend prefers a game of tug of war, throw and fetch or just a good old chew, Smug Mutts Hemp and wood toys are guaranteed to bring your dog hours of fun!

  • 12mm Rope Thickness, 60mm Ball Diameter

Scrumbles Gnashers

Scrumbles Gnashers are the ultimate dog dental chews or should we say dental bones. With a specially formulated recipe to attack plaque and support healthy teeth and a hard texture, these dental chews will provide the crunch required to rub away plaque. Made with natural ingredients, scrumbles superfood ingredient Slippery Elm and proven ingredients that reduce plaque formation. Helping keep those pearly whites, white.

  • Ingredients: Sweet potato, Gram Flour, Cold pressed rapeseed oil, yeast extract, pumpkin seeds 2%, parsley, spinach 0.5%, sesame seeds 0.5%, coconut oil 0.1%, slippery elm 0.1%, sodium hexametaphosphate 0.1%, peppermint oil 0.05% 33.7kCal/100g

Woof and Brew Bark Jeeling Tea Pouch

Unique, refreshing everyday dog treat. A fresh and uplifting blend of Alfalfa, Burdock, Gingko, Hawthorn & Devils Claw. Also makes the perfect dog gift for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions!

  • This blend is made with 100% natural herbs

  • Contains 14 luxury, planet-friendly, biodegradeable pyramid teabags

  • Developed with veterinary and packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants

  • Pour over food or serve as a drink if your pet prefers.


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