What Makes Bella’s Box Special?

Individual Products and Gift Boxes of the highest quality, for you and your dog.

Meet our Team

Alfie is a stubborn, senior Jack Russell and food is his main focus. Alfie joined the family as a puppy at 8 weeks old.

He has the role of Warehouse Manager to make sure all treats are safe and secure!

Bella is a mischievous Cockapoo. She was rescued as a puppy by Amii and David and has been a big part of the family ever since.

She is an expert in testing the products, especially toys and treats and like us, she loves quality!

Pudding is an energetic Yorkshire Terrier and the newest member of the team.

He likes to keep everyone in-check and ensure everything is running smoothly!

From the small county of Rutland, Amii and David have both worked in the canine-industry for over 10 years, specialising in dog grooming and walking.

Bella’s Box was founded in March 2020; out of the Covid-19 crisis came the inspiration to start a company that could supply customers with premium products for their dogs without leaving the comfort and safety of their home.

Like many others, the couple had to stop working when the lockdown was implemented, but this extra time lead to the first idea to create Bella’s Box. Wanting to help customers maintain their dogs coats lead to the creation of their first box – ‘The Groom Box’. But this was only the beginning, and as the idea for Bella’s Box began to flourish, so did the variety of boxes and products on offer.

“Our dogs are a massive part of our family life and we are blessed to live in such a lovely area of the country where we can take our dogs on beautiful walks. We know the love we feel for our dogs is shared by many other dog owners, so we have worked hard to produce boxes that contain the best products that every dog deserves. And owners, don’t worry – we have boxes for you too!”

Want to treat your dog? Our high-quality, natural products provide the perfect gift.